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You see it in a music videos, in a black R&B video you see women of all races but when do you ever see a a white music video with a black women or black men as a love interest.. Imagine if someone like taylor swift had a black man as her love interest in a video. The sky would be falling. I just feel that successful black men and women should start embracing each other, have successful black families and make it repeat process, I wont sugarcoat it we need that here in the U.S. I agree with what GucciMang says.

November 28, 2009 at 4:35 pm
CoolidgeCaramel says:
Per usual, when race and gender are discussed: people lose their minds, conflate issues, make tremendous generalizations, pathologize Black people in general, and make ludicrous statements about Black women in particular.

The response rate stats are no surprise: Some of the interpretations are right-on and some of them are pure conjecture as is generally the case with interpretation.

The fact that Black women respond more to emails does not surprise me: By even registering for a dating site, they have made a conscious decision to give the process a whirl, to suspend disbelief and, in some cases, to put aside very specific preferences. And yes, the demonization of Black women is alive and well. This includes the tendency to discuss us, to champion us, to denounce us, to ponder about us, to label us, to attack us.. Rather than engaging with us and/or perhaps reflecting on how we define ourselves.Or maybe just not discussing us us at all.